Welcome to
Aire de Ronda
A oasis of tranquility
Ours rooms
Elegant and exclusive
End the day
with healthy dinners

Cozy corners
to delight

Great for relaxing

Aire de Ronda, it is located in the lower part of the historical town , near the Arab Baths just a few minutes walk to the New Bridge

Exclusive rooms

The rooms have a modern and avant-garde design that harmonize with the ancestral architecture of the building.

Wholesome breakfasts

Start the day with our healthy breakfasts, prepared for you with good ingredients from the area.

A little about us

Inspiration to create Aire de Ronda

Design interiors that combine past and present , creating a full of personality and charm atmosphere , to enjoy with the five senses. 


*e-mail: info@airederonda.com

* telephone: +34 952 875 982

* whatsapp: +34 647 285 077